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About Us

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Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup! We are a loose group of otherkin in the San Francisco Bay area who meet once a month for a few hours of food/drinks/coffee and chat.

Our target audience is mythfolk. That means mythic and theriomythic types of otherkin (otherborn, faeborn): elves, fae, sidhe, unicorns, dragons, griffins, nature spirits, angels, elementals, Tuatha De Danann, celestials, and any other kind of mythical, magical, fantastic, or spiritual non-human folk. However, cousins like therianthropes and starseeds, those who consider themselves fae-blooded or half-elven, and human "elf-friends" are welcome if they identify with a mythic and otherworldly "feel", or even just want to talk to some otherkin now and again.

Adults 18+ only. No unaccompanied minors. Minors may only come to meets if their parent or guardian is also present.

Our primary focus is social interaction. We are not a magical study/working group. Our aim is mainly to provide a space to hang out and talk with people whom we know will understand the idea of having an other-than-human nature, so we can feel comfortable not having to skirt the issue whenever it may arise. Thus, discussions can vary widely at any given meetup. Sometimes we are right on topic with past lives, similarities and differences between kinds of 'kin, awakening, memories, community happenings, magical practices, et cetera; other times we wind up talking about books, RPGs, computer programming, or crafts.

Meetups are on alternating second Saturdays and second Sundays. Normally they are held at various locations around the bay, moving each month so that everyone gets a chance to have a meetup nearer to them every so often: San Francisco proper, peninsula, south bay, southeast bay (Fremont/Hayward), and northeast bay (Oakland/Berkeley). By special request we may have meetups in the north bay (e.g. San Rafael) or on dates other than our usual ones. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been using the lightweight chat platform Jitsi to hold our meetups online.

For nine years running (2012-2020) we hosted a special meetup at PantheaCon on Presidents' Day weekend. We're not sure at this time whether we will continue to do so at its successor convention, The Gathering Paths, which will hopefully begin in August 2022. (The events in February 2021 and 2022 were both cancelled due to COVID.) We intended to do a day-trip group picnic, dubbed the Mythnic, in June 2020, which also had to be put off due to COVID; there is no date set for this event at this time (January 2022).

To join the meetup and receive announcements of upcoming events, visit the mailing list page and scroll down to the section "Subscribing to sfbayotherkin"! (Note that the list is currently still hosted on another domain due to technical problems with getting Mailman working properly here on Mythsong.)

Last updated: 1/15/2022